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Cumpleaños famosos

1516, Queen Mary I, (Bloody Mary) (1553-58) -- 1st reigning queen of GB

1745, Alessandro G. A. Anastasio Volta, Count--invented battery

1795, George Peabody, American merchant & philanthropist

1848, Louis Comfort Tiffany, glassmaker

1859, Sholem Aleichem (Solomon Rabinowitz), author (Jewish Mark Twain)

1892, Wendell Wilke, presidential candidate

1894, Andres Segovia, guitarist

1909, Wallace Stegner, novelist & critic

1920, Jack Palance, Actor (Ripley's Believe It or Not)

1920, Bill Cullen, TV gameshow host

1922, Helen Gurley Brown, author & publisher (Cosmopolitan) in Portland Me

1926, Len Ford, NFL end (Cleveland Browns & Green Bay Packers)

1933, Yoko Ono, aka Mrs John Lennon in Tokyo Japan

1933, Mary Ure

1933, Kim Novak, in Chicago Illinois

1950, Cybill Shepherd, in Memphis Tenn (Moonlighting)

1954, John Travolta, Actor (Saturday Night Fever)

1957, Vanna White, in SC--Wheel of Fortune's hostess

1968, Molly Ringwald, in Los Angeles California -- Pretty in Pink

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