Hoy en la Historia - 21 de Octubre

En 1797, US Navy frigate Constitution Old Ironsides launched in Boston

En 1805, Battle of Trafalgar Adm Nelson defeats French & Spanish fleet

En 1868, Severe earthquake at 7:53 a.m. centered in Hayward Calif.

En 1869, 1st shipment of fresh oysters comes overland from Baltimore

En 1879, Thomas Edison perfects the light bulb.

En 1897, Yerkes Observatory of the University of Chicago is dedicated.

En 1918, Margaret Owen sets world typing speed record of 170 wpm for 1 min.

En 1923, Deutsches Museum Munich 1st Walther Bauersfeld's Zeiss Planetarium.

En 1944, During WWII US troops captured Aachen 1st large German city to fall

En 1945, Women in France allowed to vote for the 1st time

En 1948, Facsimile high-speed radio transmission demonstrated Washington DC

En 1959, Guggenheim Museum designed by Frank Lloyd Wright opens in NY

En 1960, JFK & Nixon clashed in 4th & final pres debate

En 1967, Ejnar Hertzsprung Danish astrophysicist dies at 94.

En 1967, Thousands opposing Vietnam War tried to storm the Pentagon

En 1971, Nixon nominates Lewis F. Powell & William H. Rehnquist to US Supreme Court following resignations of Justices Hugo Black & John Harlan

En 1974, 1st Islander shut-out opponent - Billy Smith 5-0 vs Caps

En 1975, Venera 9 1st craft to orbit the planet Venus launched

En 1976, Saul Bellow wins Nobel Prize for Literature

En 1977, US recalls William Bowdler ambassador to South Africa

En 1984, Steve Jones runs Chicago Marathon in world record 2 h 8 m 5 s.

Cumpleaños famosos

1772, Samuel Taylor Coleridge, in England, poet

1833, Alfred Bernhard Nobel, Stockholm, created dynamite & Peace Prizes

1912, Sir Georg Solti, conductor

1914, Martin Gardner, Scientific American math & puzzles columnist

1917, Dizzy Gillespie, trumpeter, a creator of modern jazz

1928, Whitey Ford, NY Yankee pitcher

1933, Georgia Brown

1940, Manfred Mann, rocker

1945, Kathy Young

1953, Charlotte Caffey, (GoGos)

1956, Carrie Fisher, in Beverly Hills - Star Wars' Princess Lelia

1971, Jade Jagger, daughter of Mick Jagger

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