Hoy en la Historia - 1 de Junio

En 1638, 1st earthquake recorded in U.S. - at Plymouth - Mass

En 1792, Kentucky becomes 15th state

En 1796, Tennessee becomes 16th state

En 1813, Capt John Lawrence utters Navy motto 'Don't give up the ship'

En 1845, Homing pigeon completes 11 -000 km trip (Namibia-London) in 55 days

En 1861, US & Confederacy simultaneously stop mail interchange

En 1865, US adventurer Wm. Walker conquers Nicaragua - reestablishes slavery

En 1866, Renegade Irish Fenians invade Fort Erie Ontario from US

En 1877, U.S. troops authorized to pursue bandits into Mexico

En 1918, Yanks turn triple play - beat Tigers 5-4

En 1925, Lou Gehrig replaces Wally Pipp starts 2130 game streak

En 1933, Century of Progress world's fair opens in Chicago

En 1935, Yanks set solo HR record with 6 beat Boston 7-2

En 1939, 1st TV heavyweight boxing match - Max Baer vs Lou Nova

En 1949, 1st magazine on microfilm offered to subscribers - Newsweek

En 1951, 1st self-contained titanium plant opened Henderson Nevada

En 1957, 1st US runner breaks 4 minute mile - Don Bowden

En 1959, constitution of Tunisia promulgated (National Day)

En 1965, A Penzias and R. Wilson detect 3 degree Kelvin primordial background

En 1967, Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band - by the Beatles - is released

En 1967, Beatles release "Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band"

En 1970, Soyuz 9 launched into earth orbit for 18 days

En 1971, Ed Sullivan's final show

En 1984, weightlifter Alexander Gunyashev of USSR snatches a record 211 kg

Cumpleaños famosos

1563, Robert Cecil, Earl of Salisbury, English chief minister (1598-1625)

1801, Brigham Young, Mormon church leader, polygamist

1804, Mikhail Glinka, Russian composer

1878, John Masefield, English poet

1898, Molly Picon, Actress

1907, Frank Whittle, inventor of a jet engine

1921, Nelson Riddle, musical conductor

1926, Andy Griffith, (Matlock, sheriff of Mayberry)

1926, Marilyn Monroe, (Norma Jean Baker), Actress (Some Like It Hot)

1928, Georgi T. Dobrovolsky, Soviet cosmonaut (Soyuz 11)

1934, Pat Boone singer

1939, Cleavon Little, Actor

1945, Linda Scott

1945, Frederica von Stade, opera singer

1947, Ron Wood, rock guitarist (Faces/Rolling Stones)

1948, Tom Sneva, US auto racer

1955, Chiyonofuji, sumo wrestler

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